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Cutting tools – without compliance


The cutting tools ANGLE-CUTTER Series 400 can be used for cutting-off on almost all material. This tool will be used especially for the removing of runner heads and raisers on iron – and gray casting parts.

Datasheet.................Model.................PowerIdling speedCutting force monitoring*
Max. Cutting force*

@ 6 bar
Fluid consumption
Wheel centering
Wheel diameterWeight
ANGLE-CUTTER 4104.5 kW8500 rpm188 N60 l/sØ 7/8up to 180 mm8 kg
ANGLE-CUTTER 4154.5 kW8500 rpmSensor188 N60 l/sØ 7/8up to 180 mm9.8 kg
ANGLE-CUTTER 4204.5 kW6600 rpm188 N60 l/sØ 7/8up to 230 mm8 kg
ANGLE-CUTTER 4254.5 kW6600 rpmSensor188 N60 l/sØ 7/8up to 230 mm9.8 kg

*The version with the cutting force monitoring permits the angle-motor to move backwards if it is overloaded caused by an excessive feed rate. This movement is monitored by a sensor and can consequently stop the robot movement immediately via interrupt. This feature prevents a damage of the cutting wheel. The cutting force is adjustable by a control valve.

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.