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Automatic indexing vise


The AIV indexing vise is specific products for installation on the table of milling machining centers, with non-self-centering closure.
The machine tool table must be prepared with

  • nr. 2 hydraulic ways for the opening / closing command
  • nr. 2 hydraulic ways for rotation / indexing
  • nr. 1 pneumatic way for pressurization
  • nr. 1 central proximity switch, of the contactless type (Balluf Power Remote) for the management of the 4 electrical signals coming from the micro inserted in the gripping equipment. Detailed documentation is provided on request.

These vises are exclusively intended for use as a static locking unit (mounting on CNC rotary tables, with rotating tools); they can in no case be used for turning operations (refer to the Indexing spindles catalog for this type of application) with high rotation speed.


The indexing vise allows the complete processing, in a single loading and with a single locking, of four faces arranged at 90 ° (typical processing, for example of valve bodies), including the hidden face facing the table, reducing the time of processing and improving accuracy.
These vises can also be applied on 3-axis machine tools, from the point of view of integration with the machine, nevertheless the application on 5-axis machines represents the best solution also allowing the machining of parts with complex shapes.
The vises, made of steel with hardening treatments, incorporate a coding device for the 4 indexing positions, to check the correspondence of the working position with respect to the CNC program.

ModelJaw strokeMax. closing pressureClosing force

@ 50 bar
Repeat accuracyWeight
AIV 500J40 mm50 bar21000 N±0.01 mm135 kg
AIV 70040 mm50 bar21000 N±0.01 mm185 kg

Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.