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Facing head with twin slide


Thanks to their technical construction these head permit the perfect execution of grooves and/or profiles in processes on transfer machines, both on the exterior and interior of the workpieces.

• TRD-K1 = Twin slide – rack angle 40° (standard)
• TRD-K2 = Twin slide – rack angle 27° (on request)


• Facing head with rigid design for low spindle speeds.
• Large tool mounting surfaces.
• Minimum backlash.
• Low coefficient of friction.
• Adaptor plate (for DIN2079 spindle) upon request.
• Driven mechanically, with hydraulically or NC electromechanical cylinder, through drawbar (not supplied parts).

DatasheetModelDiameterTrolley strokeConnection rod strokeStroke ratioWeight
TRD 100-K1100 mm17 mm20.3 mm1.2:1 approx.3.3 kg
TRD 100-K2100 mm10 mm19.7 mm2:1 approx.3.3 kg
TRD 125-K1125 mm22 mm26.2 mm1.2:1 approx.4.6 kg
TRD 125-K2125 mm13 mm25.6 mm2:1 approx.4.6 kg
TRD 160-K1160 mm30 mm35.8 mm1.2:1 approx.11.7 kg
TRSD 160-K2160 mm18 mm35.4 mm2:1 approx.11.7 kg
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.