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Dual gripper supports


The different models of supports have been designed to mount on the robot or on the mechanical hand two grippers simultaneously. This support makes easier the machine tool interlock and the robot load-unloading.


Principal characteristics of these supports, that are the assembly set for internal feeding and proximity switch cables for grippers, are:

  • nr.2 gripper driving electrovalves fixed in the support with electrical and pneumatical wired predisposition
  • nr. 1 multipolar connector (19 poles), wired with the internal components, allows the components feeding and: grippers electro-valve feeding, gripper position control open-close
  • nr.1 multipolar connector (6 poles) connected with the proximity switches
    This connector is just wired with the principal connector (19 poles). With this device the two grippers can be fed and controlled also if the system has only one air connection and one multipolar connector. So you need only a hydraulic feed tube and a electrical signals cable jointed to the robot or to the mechanical hand. The great advantage is to make easy all the connections.
DatasheetModelMounting plate sizeWeight
SR15110 x 110 mmxmm1.3 kg
SR45175 x 175 mmxmm7.5 kg

Operating pressure 2 – 7 bar

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.