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Collision Sensors


The QS is a dynamically variable collision sensor that operates on an air pressure system – and provides excellent protection in machine load/unload robotics applications.

A regulated air supply provides positive, variable pressure to hold the collision sensor rigid during normal operation. At impact, the air chamber seal is opened, immediately signaling the system controller.


  • Dynamically variable trip points
  • Permanent repeatability
  • Detects angular, rotational and compressive forces
Datasheet3D DrawingModelCompliance angleAxial compliance
Rotary complianceTorque trip point
Moment trip point
Mx, My
Repeat accuracy
X and Y
Rotational repeatabilityAverage response time**Weight
QS-7±5°1.38 mmno limit0.28-1.5 mm0.31-1.5 Nm±0.013 mm±0.028°4-7 ms0.11 kg
QS-25±5°3.4 mmno limit1.0 -6.4 mm1.0-6.4 Nm±0.013 mm±0.024°2-6 ms0.26 kg
QS-50±5°4.3 mmno limit2.2-14.0 mm2.6-11.8 Nm±0.025 mm±0.024°2-6 ms0.29 kg
QS-100±5°4.5 mmno limit5.3-30.4 mm4.1-20.3 Nm±0.025 mm±0.024°4-7 ms0.45 kg
QS-200±5°5.2 mmno limit7.5-45.2 mm5.9-32.4 Nm±0.025 mm±0.024°4-7 ms0.68 kg
QS-400±5°6.6 mmno limit11.8-84.6 mm11.3-63.9 Nm±0.025 mm±0.024°4-8 ms1.3 kg
QS-800±5°9.3 mm± 25°53-255 mm36-158 Nm±0.025 mm±0.029°4-8 ms3.72 kg
QS-1500±5°10.8 mm± 25°82-291 mm87-371 Nm±0.038 mm±0.029°4-18 ms5.5 kg
QS-3000±5°14.3 mm± 25°153-478 mm105-414 Nm±0.038 mm±0.029°4-18 ms12.2 kg
QS-4500±4°10.68 mm± 25°345-1185 mm220-614 Nm±0.038 mm±0.029°4-18 ms12.8 kg
QS-7500±4°12.68 mm± 25°1007-2098 mm472-1049 Nm±0.038 mm±0.029°4-18 ms16.8 kg

QS-7500 is supplied with screen collar
**Varies with air pressure and speed of impact
Operating pressure 1 – 6 bar (from QS-7 to QS-400) – 1.4 – 6 bar (from QS-800 to QS-7500)
Ambient temperature 0-70°C (from QS-7 to QS-AW) – 0-100°C (from QS-400 to QS-7500)
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.


Normal Operation - Positive Air Pressure

Switch Information
High reliability aircraft snap acting type.
UL/CSA rated at 3 amps, 120 VAC.
Average mechanical life: 7 million cycles
UL recognized rating: 42.4 VDC Max., 3 amps Max.

On Impact - Loss of Air Pressure