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QPG – 2-finger

QPG – 2-finger

Pneumatic Parallel Grippers

QPG 2-finger

QPG is a universal two-finger parallel gripper featuring high repeatability and long service life, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.


  • Robust and lightweight housing made of hard coated aluminum alloy.
  • Sturdy T-slot with hardened steel gibs for effective jaw guidance, precise handling and easy maintenance.
  • Wedge-hook design for high-force transmission and jaw synchronization.
  • Compact dimensions for minimal impact in space sensitive applications.
  • Mounting from two sides in three screw directions for versatile and flexible integration.
  • Integrated permanent magnets for direct monitoring of piston movement.
  • Slots for mounting and positioning of magnetic-field sensors.
  • Air supply via hose-free direct connections or fitting screw connections.
Datasheet3D DrawingModelStroke per jawFluid consumption double stroke
Closing force per jaw
@6 bar
Opening force per jaw
@6 bar
Total closing force
@6 bar
Total opening force
@6 bar
Recommended workpiece weightWeightRepeat accuracy
QPG 2066 mm7.3 cmᶾ100 N111 N200 N222 N1.00 kg0.32 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 206 S3 mm7.3 cmᶾ200 N221 N400 N442 N2.00 kg0.32 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 2088 mm16.5 cmᶾ174 N191 N348 N382 N1.74 kg0.58 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 208 S4 mm16.5 cmᶾ345 N377 N690 N754 N3.45 kg0.58 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 21010 mm31.9 cmᶾ268 N292 N536 N584 N2.68 kg1 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 210 S5 mm31.9 cmᶾ528 N576 N1056 N1152 N5.28 kg1 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 21212 mm59.4 cmᶾ414 N446 N828 N892 N4.14 kg1.7 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 212 S6 mm59.4 cmᶾ819 N883 N1638 N1766 N8.19 kg1.7 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 21616 mm118 cmᶾ613 N656 N1226 N1312 N6.13 kg2.8 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 216 S8 mm118 cmᶾ1210 N1296 N2420 N2592 N12.10 kg2.8 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 220 20 mm267 cmᶾ1140 N1194 N2280 N2388 N11.40 kg6 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 220 S10 mm267 cmᶾ2253 N2360 N4506 N4720 N22.53 kg6 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 230 30 mm801 cmᶾ2300 N2380 N4600 N4760 N23.00 kg19 kg± 0.01 mm
QPG 230 S15 mm801 cmᶾ4546 N4705 N9092 N9410 N45.46 kg19 kg± 0.01 mm

Operating pressure 2 – 8 bar
Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.