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Self-centering vise with wedge-hook mechanism and hydraulic drive, machine table embedded – 2 jaws


OSV vises are widely used on working machines to clamp the workpiece.
The thrust for clamping force on the piece is determinate through the pressure with a double-acting piston incorporated into the vise.
The cylinder, that handle the piston into the vice, can be embedded inside the machine table.
The transmission of the thrust, from hub to grippers, happen through inclined planes.


• Joinds between the particulars (drive hub – jaw)
• The construction of the inclined plane seat in pit up the jaw allowed the height length guide.
• The drive hub has an extra guide in the gib to assure an added precision and affidability.
• The parts are joind to assure the movement open/close. They are entirely grilling with millesimal tolerance.
• The final centering adjustments are made after assembly, with vice feeding with working pressure.
• All the pieces are made with extreme precision to assure centesimal allowances in construction.
• The flat jaw guides have inserted gib for graeter precision and finishing of the sliding surfaces and so as to regain slack resulting from wear.
• OSV are equipped with effective protection against the infiltration of production waste and with inputs for pressurization.
• Vices are made with predisposition for a forced pressurization and with a strong “Degree of Protection” (IEC 144).
• Feeding connections are located at the cylinder’s bottom and laterely on the body of the vice.

3D DrawingModelStroke per jawClosing force per jaw

@ max pressure
Total closing force

@ max pressure
PressureRepeat accuracyFluid consumption double strokeWeight
OSV 706 mm3442 N6884 N6-35 bar±0.005 mm50 cm³6.5 kg
OSV 955 mm10800 N21600 N6-40 bar±0.005 mm146 cm³13 kg
OSV 95 X10 mm9300 N18600 N6-60 bar±0.005 mm155 cm³13 kg
OSV 1056.5 mm10878 N21756 N6-55 bar±0.005 mm168 cm³10 kg
OSV 11215 mm9600 N19200 N6-40 bar±0.005 mm343 cm³17 kg
OSV 11510 mm14000 N28000 N6-40 bar±0.005 mm328 cm³22 kg
OSV 115 X15 mm13355 N26709 N6-65 bar±0.005 mm384 cm³22 kg
OSV 13511 mm19867 N39734 N6-40 bar±0.005 mm500 cm³30 kg
OSV 135 X16 mm19313 N38625 N6-50 bar±0.005 mm568 cm³30 kg
OSV 16012.5 mm27734 N55467 N6-40 bar±0.005 mm800 cm³50 kg
OSV 160 X17.5 mm27125 N54250 N6-50 bar±0.005 mm876 cm³50 kg

Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.