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Self-centering vice with manual drive


MAV is a mechanical self-centering vise widely used on working machine to clamp the workpieces.
The thrust to obtein the clamping force on the piece is determinate through a torque on the lead screw.
They are suitable to be apply with milling machine or tool machine with a pneumatic or oil-hydraulic feeding’s availability.


• High sliding run of grippers
• Self-centering system
• The thrust is directly from lead screw to gripper.
• The load screw is made with an acme thread to blocking work pieces also in open side. Screw is supported by a bearing into an a central “box”.
• The final centering adjustments are made after assembly, with vice feeding with a torque on the lead screw.
• All the pieces are made with extreme precision to assure centesimal allwance in construction.
• The flat jaw guides have inserted gib for the sliding surfaces and so as to regain slack resulting from wear.
In the serial construction the predisposition for pressurization is not included, because the mechanic closing sistem has usually a pneumatic feeding.

ModelStroke per jawClosing force per jaw

@ max pressure
Total closing force

@ max pressure
Max. closing torqueRepeat accuracyWeight
MAV 17020 mm9000 N18000 N60 Nm±0.01 mm10 Kg
MAV 19525 mm15000 N30000 N100 Nm±0.01 mm16 Kg
MAV 25030 mm15000 N30000 N100 Nm±0.01 mm20 Kg
MAV 27540 mm20000 N40000 N134 Nm±0.01 mm30 Kg
MAV 32545 mm20000 N40000 N134 Nm±0.01 mm42 Kg

Ambient temperature 5-60°C

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.