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Indexing chuck with manual clamping and indexing


Chucks series MADV are self-centering. In version MADV jaws clamping is manual thanks to an operating key and manual indexing system.
• made in special high resistance hardened and cementing 60HRC steel UNI18NiCrMo5, to maintain a high degree of precision, reliability and quality
• jaws slideways execution with gib allows a good sliding surface finish with possibility to recover clearances consequent to wear
• indexing movement simple and reliable: conical shutter guarantees the mechanical indexing. Indexing precision ±1’30”
• shaft guide system with two lines of big filled cylindrical pre-loaded roller radially and with a strong axial ball bearing axially
• seals against contamination by coolant, chips and dust
• constant and long lasting precision
• easy installation to the machine.
• standard with 4 indexing 90° + 1 indexing 45°. On request special indexing positions available (8×45°, 6×60°).


• self-centering clamping
• big clamping capacity
• versions with long jaw for workpieces that need a big radius of revolution
• it can be used on every tools machine (lathe, fresatrice, etc.)
• the big jaws stroke makes really the clamping of complex profiles that couldn’t be good clamping with an automatic chuck/span>
• prototypes, samples and series also of big pieces realisation
• a central screw supported by axial sloding bearing transmits the clamping force to the jaws

ModelDiameterClosing force per jawMax. clamping torqueChuck openingChuck closingMax. rotation speedWeight
MADV 170C168 mm9000 N60 Nm95 mm48 mm1700 rpm16 kg
MADV 180C180 mm10000 N80 Nm100 mm55 mm1600 rpm21 kg
MADV 195C195 mm13000 N90 Nm106 mm59 mm1500 rpm23 kg
MADV 230C230 mm14500 N95 Nm138 mm74 mm1300 rpm30 kg
MADV 230L230 mm14500 N95 Nm138 mm74 mm1300 rpm32 kg
MADV 250C248 mm16500 N115 Nm155 mm89 mm1200 rpm44 kg
MADV 250L248 mm16500 N115 Nm155 mm89 mm1200 rpm46 kg
MADV 275C275 mm17500 N120 Nm180 mm99 mm1000 rpm51 kg
MADV 275L275 mm17500 N120 Nm180 mm99 mm1000 rpm54 kg
MADV 315C315 mm17500 N120 Nm210 mm120 mm900 rpm64 kg
MADV 315L315 mm17500 N120 Nm210 mm120 mm900 rpm69 kg
MADV 350C350 mm21000 N140 Nm240 mm138 mm750 rpm76 kg
MADV 350L350 mm21000 N140 Nm240 mm138 mm750 rpm80 kg

Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.