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HPG – 3-finger

HPG – 3-finger

Pneumatic Parallel Grippers

HPG 3-finger

HPG is a universal three-finger parallel gripper featuring high repeatability and long service life, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.


  • Robust and lightweight housing made of hard coated aluminum alloy.
  • Sturdy T-slot with hardened steel gibs for effective jaw guidance, precise handling and easy maintenance.
  • Wedge-hook design for high-force transmission and jaw synchronization.
  • Compact dimensions for minimal impact in space sensitive applications.
  • Mounting from two sides in three screw directions for versatile and flexible integration.
  • Integrated permanent magnets for direct monitoring of piston movement.
  • Slots for mounting and positioning of magnetic-field sensors.
  • Air supply via hose-free direct connections or fitting screw connections.
Datasheet3D DrawingModel Stroke per jawFluid consumption double strokeClosing force per jawOpening force per jawTotal closing forceTotal opening forceRecommended workpiece weight*WeightRepeat accuracy
HPG 3064 mm9 cm3110 N120 N330 N360 N1.1 Kg0.3 Kg± 0.01 mm
HPG 306 S2 mm9 cm3220 N240 N 660 N720 N2.2 Kg0.31 Kg± 0.01 mm
HPG 3076 mm25 cm3225 N245 N675 N735 N3.37 Kg0.5 Kg± 0.01 mm
HPG 307 S3 mm25 cm3450 N490 N 1350 N1470 N6.75 Kg0.53 Kg± 0.01 mm
HPG 3098 mm55 cm3370 N395 N1110 N1185 N5.55 Kg0.85 Kg± 0.01 mm
HPG 309 S4 mm55 cm3740 N790 N 2220 N2370 N11.1 Kg0.88 Kg± 0.01 mm
HPG 31110 mm115 cm3650 N680 N1950 N2040 N9.75 Kg1.6 Kg± 0.01 mm
HPG 311 S5 mm115 cm31300 N1360 N3900 N4080 N19.5 Kg1.66 Kg± 0.01 mm
HPG 31312 mm220 cm3980 N1030 N2940 N3090 N14.7 Kg2.9 Kg± 0.01 mm
HPG 313 S6 mm220 cm31960 N2060 N5880 N6180 N29.4 Kg3 Kg± 0.01 mm
HPG 31716 mm500 cm31855 N1930 N5565 N5790 N27.82 Kg5.7 Kg± 0.015 mm
HPG 317 S8 mm500 cm33710 N3860 N11130 N11580 N55.65 Kg6 Kg± 0.015 mm
HPG 32225 mm850 cm32520 N2610 N7560 N7830 N37.8 Kg11.5 Kg± 0.02 mm
HPG 322 S14 mm850 cm34365 N4525 N13095 N13575 N65.47 Kg12.5 Kg± 0.02 mm
HPG 330 35 mm2900 cm35015 N5200 N15045 N15600 N75.22 Kg33 Kg± 0.03 mm
HPG 330 S20 mm2900 cm38690 N9030 N26070 N27090 N130.35 Kg34.5 Kg± 0.03 mm

* Recommended workpiece weight is calculated for force-fit gripping with a coefficient of static friction of 0.15 and a safety factor of 3 against workpiece slippage.
Operating pressure 3 – 8 bar - Spring Assist Version 4.5 - 6 bar
Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.