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Hook and Hanger for Heavy Duty Tool Changers

Hook and Hanger for Heavy Duty Tool Changers

XCHANGE™ Tool Stand Accessory

Hook and Hanger – Communications

Epsilon Hook and Hanger XChangeTM assemblies allow for the docking/undocking of tools during an automatic tool changing operation.


• Accurate docking/undocking location
• Compatible with Fixture Base Assembly (FBA)
• Integrated Docking Alignment Markers to simplify programming
• Optional Tool in Tool Stand Presence Sensor
• Optional Dual Channel Tool Stand Safety Sensor and Actuator for Tool Changer Safety Circuit
• Precision and Loose Fit Hooks Available
o Multiple used at once on large Material Handling applications

Datasheet ModelPrecision or Loose FitRated PayloadWeight
E-TMA-HR-000N/A500 kg3.38 kg
E-TMA-HK-000Precision Fit500 kg3.09 kg
E-TMA-HKL-000Loose Fit500 kg2.94 kg
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.