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Pneumatic Parallel Grippers


2-finger parallel gripper with large jaw stroke for massive payloads with high acceleration in harsh environments.


  • Precisely move massive payloads with high acceleration in harsh environments.
  • Linear bearing rails for tremendous torque capability to withstand high accelerations.
  • Sealed to handle everything from weld slag to ceramic dust.
  • Long Strokes to handle a wide range of parts.
  • Harsh Environments:Bearing blocks and piston rods are sealed to manage weld spatter and grinding dust.
  • Range of payload sizes:from 50 to 350mm of stroke with sensing accessories to
    discriminate sizes.
  • Power Out Brakes (POB) to safely handle parts with pressure loss.
3D DrawingModelStroke per jawClosing force per jaw
@ 6 bar
Opening force per jaw
@ 6 bar
Total closing force
@ 6 bar
Total opening force
@ 6 bar
Recommended workpiece weightWeightRepeat accuracy
GPAL4025.4 mm528 N704 N1056 N1408 N5.28 kg1.27 kg± 0.025 mm
GPAL10038.1 mm785 N918 N1570 N1836 N7.85 kg2.4 kg± 0.025 mm
GPAL20050.8 mm1457 N1773 N2914 N3546 N14.57 kg4.45 kg± 0.025 mm
XRAY-S-2200-10050 mm1500 N1886 N3000 N3772 N15 kg13.6 kg± 0.025 mm
XRAY-S-2200-200100 mm1500 N1886 N3000 N3772 N15 kg15 kg± 0.025 mm
XRAY-S-2200-350175 mm1500 N1886 N3000 N3772 N15 kg19.1 kg± 0.025 mm
XRAY-S-5800-200100 mm4000 N4971 N8000 N9942 N40 kg27.7 kg± 0.025 mm

Operating pressure 2 – 17.3 bar (X-RAY-S-5800-200 max 8.3 bar)
Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.