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Deburring tools – compliance radial and angular


FLEXTAPPER deburring tool is designed for the cutting of threads with robot. The tap can be inserted without problems in bores due to the floating chuck. The floating chuck can compensate radial and angular misplacement errors between tapping hole and tap axis when inserting the tools. The FLEXTAPPER 110 can be used for tapping in through holes of any length. The FLEXTAPPER 120 can be used for tapping in through- and blind holes. The maximal axial offset is 10 mm.

DatasheetModelPowerIdling speedRated speedCompliance movementCompliance force

@ 6 bar
Thread size in aluminumThread size in SteelFluid consumption Tool mountingWeight
FLEXTAPPER 110230 W840 rpm435 rpm12 mm (axial)approx. 60 N≤M8 (Reference value)≤M6 (Reference value)7.8 l/sfor M54.2 kg
FLEXTAPPER 120230 W385 rpm190 rpm12 mm (axial)approx. 60 N≤M10 (Reference value)≤M8 (Reference value)7.8 l/sCollet ESX12 Ø2-7 mm4.4 kg
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.