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Deburring for CNC powered by main spindle of machine tool – compliance axial


The FLEXICUT 12 is a deburring tool that removes the burrs in CNC-machines generated by the machining process.
It follows the undefined edges which are generated between machined and raw surface.


  • Edge deviations of up to 6 mm can be compensated.
  • By changing the feed rate the chamfer width can be made bigger or smaller.
  • Driven by the main spindle of the centre.
  • Stored in the regular tool-rack.
  • Various types of milling cutters for different types of materials are available.

ModelTool adapterMax. speedCompliance rangeCompliance force

@ 6 bar
Feed forward rateBurrs (selectable)Weight
Flexicut 12Cylinder shaft Ø 20h6
x 36 mm for collet chuck
15000 rpm6 mm12 N2 - 15 m/minCarbide burr cone
shape 90°, Ø 16 mm,
cut 2 or cut 3 or cut 5
0.9 kg
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.