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Brushing and grinding machine – compliance radial


FINISHSTATION grinding / brushing station is being used to grind and polish edges and surfaces as well as for deburring operations. The wheels are mounted so that they are in one axis radially compliant. The brush can therefore easily follow the part shape when working. Compliance pressure against the work piece can be controlled from the robot program. Wear of the brush monitored by a sensor and compensated by the robot controller.

Datasheet..................Model..................PowerRated speedMax. Compliance movementCompliance force
@ 6 bar
Feed forward rateRotation directionsDegree of protectionInsulation classMax. wheel diameterWeight
FINISHSTATION 12001.2 kW1500 rpm45 mm (radial)30 to 120 N50 - 200 mm/sreversibleIP 44FØ 300/20 x 3080 kg (approx.)
FINISHSTATION 22002.2 kW1500 rpm46 mm (radial)30 to 120 N50 - 200 mm/sreversibleIP 44FØ 400/35 x 30100 kg (approx.)
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.