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EIG2 Electric Parallel Gripper

EIG2 Electric Parallel Gripper


EIG is an electric 2-finger parallel gripper that is equipped with two symmetrically parallel fingers.


​• Compact size
• Slim rectangular body with five installation positions for flexible mounting
• Grip control: force and position adjustment
• Quick open/close time with speed adjustment
• Grip feedback and part detection: gripper status can be read at the PLC/Controller and
visualized on the unit via LED’s
• Multiple communication modes: the gripper supports Modbus RTU protocol and IO mode control. Other protocols such as USB and ETHERNET can be implemented through a protocol converter.
• Grip actuation via embedded controller.
• Brake locking mechanism on request.

Datasheet3D DrawingModelStroke
per jaw
Gripping Force
per Jaw
Gripping Force
Opening/Closing TimeIP Protection
Nominal CurrentMax CurrentRecommended
workpiece weight
EIG2-060026 mm0.8 - 2 N1.6 - 4 N0.2 / 0.2 sIP 40± 0.02 mm0.20 A0.50 A0.05 kg0.15 kg
EIG2-070087 mm2 - 8 N4 - 16 N0.2 / 0.2 sIP 40± 0.02 mm0.40 A0.70 A0.10 kg0.40 kg
EIG2-1300513 mm0.8 - 5 N1.6 - 10 N0.2 / 0.2 sIP 40± 0.02 mm0.40 A0.70 A0.10 kg0.40 kg
EIG2-1301513 mm6 - 15 N12 - 30 N0.4 / 0.4 sIP 40± 0.02 mm0.25 A0.50 A0.25 kg0.33 kg
EIG2-1305013 mm15 - 50 N30 - 100 N0.3 / 0.3 sIP 40± 0.02 mm0.25 A0.50 A1.00 kg0.40 kg
EIG2-4014040 mm40 - 140 N80 - 280 N0.7 / 0.7 sIP 54± 0.03 mm0.50 A1.20 A3.00 kg1.00 kg

Noise Emission (Sound Pressure) ≤ 40 dB(A) in any direction
Communication Interface Standard: Modbus RTU (RS485), Digital I/O - Optional: TCP/IP, USB2.0, CAN2.0A, PROFINET, EtherCAT
Nominal Voltage 24 V DC ± 10%
Recommended operating environment 0-40 °C (32-104 °F), < 85% RH

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.


Allowable vertical load (static)
Fz35 NFz90 NFz50 NFz70 NFz150 NFz300 N

Allowable moment (static)
Mx0.20 NmMx0.55 NmMx0.30 NmMx0.90 NmMx2.5 NmMx7.00 Nm
My0.17 NmMy0.45 NmMy0.25 NmMy0.75 NmMy2.0 NmMy7.00 Nm
Mz0.20 NmMz0.55 NmMz0.30 NmMz0.90 NmMz3.0 NmMz7.00 Nm