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Milling and sawing tools – rigid, without compliance


ECCOCUT milling and sawing tool is very sturdy and precise and very well suited to remove large and thick burrs on castings. They can be used for tangential and front end milling. Together with the corresponding mills they can be used for almost any metallic and nonmetallic materials.


  • Tool adapter 210 Ø2-20 mm* 
  • Tool adapter 220 Ø2-20 mm* l1=98 mm, l2=70 mm 
  • Tool adapter 225 Ø2-20 mm* l1=178 mm, l2=150 mm 
  • Tool adapter 230 Ø80 mm** l3=115 mm, l4=37 mm 
  • Tool adapter 235 Ø80 mm** l3=178 mm, l4=100 mm 
  • Tool adapter 240 Ø100 mm** l3=115 mm, l4=37 mm 
  • Tool adapter 245 Ø100 mm** l3=178 mm, l4=100 mm 
  • Tool adapter 260 incl. sega circolare Ø300 mm 

*Including pliers, choose diameter.
**Included end mill.

DatasheetModelPowerIdling speedMaximal speedRated torqueWeight
ECCOCUT 2003 kW9200 rpm12000 rpm3.2 Nm60 kg
ECCOCUT 2103 kW5800 rpm9000 rpm5 Nm60 kg
ECCOCUT 2505.5 kW9200 rpm12000 rpm5.7 Nm69 kg
ECCOCUT 2605.5 kW5800 rpm9000 rpm9.1 Nm69 kg
ECCOCUT 2705.5 kW3870 rpm6000 rpm13.6 Nm69 kg
ECCOCUT 2805.5 kW2900 rpm4500 rpm18.1 Nm69 kg
ECCOCUT 2905.5 kW1450 rpm2500 rpm36.2 Nm69 kg
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.