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E50/E63 Electrical Modules

E50/E63 Electrical Modules

XCHANGE™ Utility Module

E50/E63 Electrical Modules

Electrical Modules pass signals during an automatic tool changing operation.


• Flexible Connection Options
• Aluminum construction to reduce EMI
• Replacement probes for fast and easy maintenance
• IP65 when coupled

Datasheet ModelDescriptionUser ConnectionRated Current

Rated Voltage

Sensor Interface

kg (lb)
E63-R-D-PG-12.05-00-NRobot Adaptor - Strain ReliefStrain Relief (4.0 mm – 6.5 mm OD)
12x Max. Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
5 *Cable DependentNo0.1
E63-T-D-PG-12.05-00-NTool Adaptor - Strain ReliefStrain Relief (4.0 mm – 6.5 mm OD)
12x Max. Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
5 *Cable DependentN/A0.1
E63-R-D-M12-8.05-00-NRobot Adaptor - M12 Male8 PIN, M12 A-CODED4250No0.1
E63-T-D-M12-8.05-00-NTool Adaptor - M12 Female8 SOC, M12 A-CODED4250N/A0.1
E63-R-D-M8-8.05-00-NRobot Adaptor - M8 Female8 SOC, M8 A-CODED4250No0.1
E63-T-D-M8-8.05-00-NTool Adaptor - M8 Male8 PIN, M8 A-CODED4250N/A0.1
E63-R-D-M8-8.05-00-N-0.3Robot Adaptor - M8 Female Cable8 SOC, M8 A-CODED4250No0.11
E63-T-D-N-0.05-15-N ***Tool Adaptor - Tool IdentificationN/A (Tool ID Only) Up to 15 Tools128N/A0.1

* Rated Current may change based upon cable/wire rating.
** Module weight may vary depending on specific configuration.
*** Tool Identification Module can be used with any Robot Adaptor Modules listed above it.
Operating Temperature 5 - 60 °C (40 - 140 °F)
Noise Emissions (Sound Pressure) ≤ 70 dB(A) in any direction

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.


Applied Robotics XCHANGE™
electrical modules use spring
loaded contact probes for their many benefits:
• Low contact resistance
• High mating cycles
• Limited debris buildup
• Minimal maintenance