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Compliance Device for assembly insertion

with flange – A SERIES

Compliance devices compensates for errors (position and/or angular and/or torsional) occurred during an assembly that various precision parts are press or loose fitted into the holes.
Thereby, it reduces assembly failure, enhances product quality, and shortens the cycle time in production line.


  • Significant reduction of assembly failure due to center position errors
  • Uniform press-fitting quality
  • Wide range of applications
  • Increased binding force between parts
  • Saves assembly line construction time, reduces equipment investment cost
  • Enhanced operation rate
  • Longer life cycle of the assembler
  • Simple maintenance

Automatic correction of a position/angle error

Datasheet3D Drawing.................Model.................Allowable maximum forceCompliance center length

PayloadCompensation range - Position errorCompensation range - AngleCompensation range - Torsional angleAxial direction - CompressionalAxial direction - TensileHorizontal directionTorsional directionWeight
CCR-A6-030-040186 KN30 mm14.7 N±2 mm±2°-625.2 N/mm100 N/mm9.5 N/mm2.2 N/mm0.1 kg
CCR-A6-040-048255 KN40 mm14.7 N±2 mm±2°±7.7°625.2 N/mm143.1 N/mm9.5 N/mm2.4 N/mm0.1 kg
CCR-A6-050-054353 KN50 mm19.6 N±2 mm±2°±7.3°1180.9 N/mm143.1 N/mm11.8 N/mm3 N/mm0.2 kg
CCR-A6-060-060353 KN60 mm19.6 N±2 mm±2°±6.0°1180.9 N/mm143.1 N/mm11.8 N/mm3 N/mm0.2 kg
CCR-A6-070-065471 KN70 mm26.5 N±2 mm±2°±6.6°1573.9 N/mm191.1 N/mm11.8 N/mm4.2 N/mm0.2 kg
CCR-A6-080-070471 KN80 mm26.5 N±2 mm±2°±6.2°1573.9 N/mm191.1 N/mm11.8 N/mm4.2 N/mm0.3 kg
CCR-A6-090-078363 KN90 mm37.3 N±2 mm±2°±5.5°1217.2 N/mm225.4 N/mm12.4 N/mm6.1 N/mm0.4 kg
CCR-A6-100-084363 KN100 mm37.3 N±2 mm±2°±5.0°1217.2 N/mm225.4 N/mm12.4 N/mm6.1 N/mm0.4 kg
CCR-A6-110-088363 KN110 mm37.8 N±2 mm±2°±4.6°1217.2 N/mm225.4 N/mm12.4 N/mm7 N/mm0.4 kg
CCR-A6-120-095363 KN120 mm37.8 N±2 mm±2°±5.1°1217.2 N/mm225.4 N/mm12.4 N/mm7 N/mm0.5 kg
CCR-A6-130-099363 KN130 mm37.8 N±2 mm±2°±5.1°1217.2 N/mm225.4 N/mm12.4 N/mm7 N/mm0.5 kg
CCR-A6-140-108549 KN140 mm78 N±2 mm±2°±4.8°1840.4 N/mm407.7 N/mm15.1 N/mm7.7 N/mm0.7 kg

Model: customized order is available
Acceptable assembly tool load: Please contact us if this value is exceeded. This value can be doubled when Center Master is installed in the reverse direction.
Elasticity coefficient indicates the elasticity of the elastic center (P) – the average value before the stopper of Center Master begins to work.
* Center Master can correct up to ±2 mm of an error, but this value is changed according to the chamfer value.

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.