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Pneumatic swivel and turning units with 4 ways fluid feed-through


The rotary actuators series “COL” derive from FAM 2.3 with admixture 4 – ways, integrated into the principal spindle, to feed the supplementy objects in rotating position.
In this model of rotary actuators the manifold, where the tubes are connected with supplementary feeding, is joined to the principal spindle and it turns with it.


  • Spindle rotation, supported on prestressed oblique bearings, is assured by a pair of rack pistons in treated steel.
  • Rotation angle can be adjusted with precision, with a total extra stroke approx. of 2°, through two threaded pushroads and one or two contrast blocks built into the cap (optional).
  • The stop is made directly on the spindle assuring precision and reliability.
  • Deceleration is guaranteed by hydraulic shock absorbers, with incorporated cartridge and pressure-tight, with act on the rack piston and the rotation can be controlled via integrated sensors, that detect the magnetic field generated by a rubber magnet ring fixed up one of two rack pistons. It is possible to have as optional the rotation control with proximity sensors fixed with two external grub screws (to stop the actuator) to detect the spindle position.
  • All versions has an internal circuit that feeds both sides of the piston (to obtain the maximum torque) connected only on side pneumatically for simplicity and to save space.
  • The actuators has a predisposition to work eighter with air or with oil.
3D DrawingModelRotation angleFluid consumption double strokeTheoretical rotation torque
@ 6 bar
Repeat accuracy
AR 16-90° COL90°20 cm³0.35 daNm1.6 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 16-180° COL180°39 cm³0.35 daNm2.1 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 20-90° COL90°38 cm³0.65 daNm2.6 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 20-180° COL180°73 cm³0.65 daNm3.1 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 25-90° COL90°68 cm³1.2 daNm3.1 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 25-180° COL180°133 cm³1.2 daNm4.3 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 32-90° COL90°132 cm³2.4 daNm4.6 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 32-180° COL180°258 cm³2.4 daNm6.1 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 45-90° COL90°286 cm³5.2 daNm8.1 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 45-180° COL180°560 cm³5.2 daNm11.6 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 50-90° COL90°424 cm³7.7 daNm12.6 kg± 0.01 mm
AR 50-180° COL180°832 cm³7.7 daNm18.1 kg± 0.01 mm

Operating pressure 4 – 8 bar
Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction

The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.