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Competence, know-how, research, passion, customized products and services are the characteristics which distinguish Effecto Group.

We have gone a long way to get excellent performance and offer reliable, long-lasting products, solving your needs of automation and workholding.
Our technical department is composed of qualified people, able to analyze every request and propose customized solutions.
The activity on international markets ensures the distribution of our products and services, ensuring the most advanced technology.
We offer pneumatic and hydraulic vises, manual and automatic indexing chucks, grippers, linear slides, rotary actuators, pressure intensifiers and accessories for robots, that are constructed with special equipment.

Our headquarters



Know-how, research, dedication are Tecnomors’ hallmarks.
The experience in delivering performing and long-life products gained since the ’60s allows us to meet gripping and clamping requirements of customers all around the world. Our engineering team is composed of very skilled people, capable of analyzing every request and proposing customized solutions featuring the most advanced technology. The constant activity on global industrial markets ensures the availability of our products and services.
Via Roma, 141/143 28017
San Maurizio d’Opaglio (NO) – ITALY



Specialized solutions in wrist-down robotics — for your industry or application.
For decades, Applied Robotics has been the company that industries turn to when their productivity is being stalled by their existing tooling options — or when there are no workable options to turn to. We specialize in solving those problems with industry-specific, application-specific tooling solutions.
Refining the technology. Finding the routes to higher productivity. And delivering these innovative solutions to industries worldwide.
648 Saratoga Road
Glenville, NY 12302 – USA



A brand featuring a strong footprint in clamping and workholding applications.
We supply both standard and customized solutions for specific needs.
We work closely with our customers to provide the best solution to a workpiece clamping or handling problem.
Quality, reliability and efficiency are the targets that every day engage us to customer satisfaction.
Via Don Primo Mazzolari, 4
26012 Castelleone (CR) – ITALY

Why choosing Effecto Group



Effecto’s vision is to be a leading supplier of gripping and clamping solutions worldwide – through innovation and enhancement of customer productivity with systems and service solutions.
Our mission is to grow the company’s market share, reputation and profitability and maximize the return for all our stakeholders in accordance with the vision and our social responsibilities.




The product offering is wide. It ranges from clamping to gripping of any workpiece, of any shape and any weight (from few grams o hundreds of kilograms).
Effecto has been developing specific advanced manufacturing technologies that allow to achieve the targeted product performances.




Effecto’s products are used wherever there is a need to grip or to clamp a workpiece in an automated manufacturing process.
Our customers are from small to large companies operating all around the world in different industrial fields: aerospace, automotive, medical, life science, machine tools, robotics, mechanical and electromechanical industry, fittings and valves,
food and wine industry, any kind of automation.




The experience in delivering high performance and long-life products gained since the ’60s allows us to meet various gripping and clamping requirements.
We have been developing a strong partnership with several customers, with the aim to solve their automation and robotic needs.
Our competent team of engineers and product managers constantly work on product innovation, in order to deliver advanced
solutions to the market.




Effecto’s products feature high reliability and long life.
Intensive and stringent quality controls guarantee the consistency of any manufacturing step.
Every product is tested before shipping.
All our employees are committed to quality with dedication, precision and care. Customer satisfaction is
our objective and prompt greatest gratification.




We higly value the partnership established with our customers. For this reason, we maintain an efficient and pre-and after sales service.
Every application submitted by a prospect or a customer is duly analyzed by our engineers and we propose solutions to enhance
the customer productivity and the process reliability.
Critical spare parts are always available in house to guarantee very fast recovery time.
A wide-spread sales network is available to assist global requests.